Water Softener

Water softener installations is a simple yet effective process
Water Softener

RDH Plumbing & Heating are specialists in water softener installations in High Wycombe. Water softener installations is a simple yet effective process; the water softener is fitted at the mains water supply as it enters into your house, locations can vary: under the sink, in the garage or pantry.

Our installers can work with you to find the best and most suitable location for the water softener installation to be fitted.

Installing a water softener installation

The best way to get a new water softener installation is to have one of our qualified local installers to supply and fit it, you could do it yourself but bear in mind there are clear regulations around water softener installations that need to be followed, all our installers are experienced and compliant with WRAS guidelines.

“We are based in High Wycombe but cover all surrounding areas.”

It is relatively simple to install (when you know how to do it). The softener would typically fit under the sink, and it will soften your water as it comes into your property. We will have to cut pipework and make some other, but every bit of work that we do is reversible. If you ever move home, you could take your water softener with you.

Installation of taps to bypass your water softener

A lot of our customers prefers to drink non-softened water, so when we come to install the water softener, we will give an option to install the water softener bypass tap. Which provides you with the opportunity to drink non-softened water. The bypass tap will get connected at your kitchen sink; you can pick from a range of styles to fit in within your kitchen. A water filter could also be fitted if preferred; you can have clean non-softened drinkable water.

WRAS Installation guidelines

Our local High Wycombe based water softener installation specialists are fully trained and certified to follow the WRAS installations guidelines.

For many years, there was a lot of confusion following regulations around water softener installation, about drinking softened water and provision of separate drinking water taps.