Leaks left unattended will eventually release more water
Common Leaks

As soon as a leak is detected in your home it should be repaired, leaks left unattended will eventually release more water which could end up causing serious and expensive damage to your home.

Bath Leaks

Baths can leak from the pipes connecting the taps to the water supply or the drainage pipes.

Boiler Leaks

Boilers can leak from valves, seals, pipes and the boiler pump, on discovery Boiler Leaks should be looked at by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer as soon as possible.

Central Heating Leaks

Leaks from pipes, joints and pumps are common in Central Heating systems and cause problems if ignored. We can quickly find leaks in hidden pipes thanks to our Thermal imaging Technology.

Leaking Radiators

Radiators can leak through the valves which is common when the central heating is turned on for the first time during autumn/winter, leaking valves can cause damage to your walls and carpets with dirty water so should be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, sludge in the central heating system can cause Radiators to corrode and leak, corroded radiators with pinhole leaks cannot be repaired and should be replaced.

Leaking Taps

Leaking Taps are very common they don’t pose much of a danger if the water is leaking slowly out of the spout (although the constant drip can be annoying) as excess water will escape down the drain. If the Tap is leaking from the spindle or the body the excess water can potentially cause damage to your worktops and units.

Leaking Water Tanks

Gravity fed water tanks can develop leaks, old washers can cause valves to leak, and old tanks can even split and leak water. As tanks are usually in the loft, a leaking tank can result in water coming through your ceiling.

Sink Leaks

Leaks from the sink area can potentially damage your floor and kitchen units, leaks from underneath the sink will come from the water supply or the drain, usually worn out or loose connections is the cause.

Toilet Leaks

When Toilets are sat on they move, and over time this can loosen the connection of the inlet pipe to the valve and cause annoying leaks. Sometimes Toilet bowls can crack and leak, cracked Toilet Bowls should be repaired or replaced.