Central Heating

Install, replace and set all forms of Heating Programmers
Central Heating Programmers

Central Heating Controls are required to set your heating and hot water correctly ensuring they turn on and off when needed keeping your energy usage to a minimum. Old, faulty or poorly set Central Heating Controls can result in wasted energy (and money) our Heating Engineers can install, replace and set all forms of Heating Programmers.

Room Thermostats

A room thermostat measures the room temperature and instructs your heating system when to turn on and turn off ensuring your home stays at your desired temperature. You set your preferred temperature with the thermostat when the room drops below this setting the heating will turn on and then once the set room temperature has been achieved the heating will switch off. A thermostat ensures your home is never too hot or too cold with excellent energy efficiency.


Programmers allow you to set the times for your heating and hot water; the hot water also has a boost override switch which means hot water can be switched on if required outside the usual set times. Heating and Hot water can be set to come on at different times on different days, by setting your programmer, so you have your heating and hot water only at times you need it ensures there’s no wasted energy which will save you money.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic Radiator Valves or TRV’s control the flow of hot water to each radiator once the preset room temperature has been reached they will switch off. TRV’s allow different temperatures for different rooms and are very energy efficient.

Cylinder Thermostats

Cylinder thermostats ensure that heated water from the boiler will fill your hot water cylinder first (making hot water a priority) once the cylinder is full hot water will be delivered to your central heating system.