Thermostat Problems

Thermostats optimise energy costs

Thermostat Problems

Room Thermostats instruct your Central Heating System to turn on or turn off by sensing the air temperature. When the air temperature falls below your chosen setting the heating will turn on and once the room temperature has risen to the desired level the heating will switch off.

Thermostats optimise energy costs and ensure you and your family have the right temperature they are a fantastic tool but unfortunately can be problematic, in fact in many cases problems with central heating systems can be traced back to the thermostat.

   Typical Thermostat Problems Are

  1. Room Is Overheating
  2. Thermostat Doesn’t Control The Temperature
  3. Water is too hot
  4. Inconsistent Room Temperatures
  5. Heating Won’t Switch On

   There are several possible solutions for these problems

  1. The Thermostat may need recalibrating or replacing.
  2. The Thermostat could have gathered dust and needs cleaning.
  3. The Thermostat is unlevel so needs levelling
  4. The Thermostat needs to be relocated
  5. The Thermostat is broken so will need repairing or replacing